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what is gambling: Wagering Compulsion and Challenge Gaming – HelpGuide.org

The state regulation of gaming in Germany is based on the State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV). The current version of the State Treaty on Gaming came into force on July 1, 2012. According to Section 35 (2), this State Treaty expires on June 30, 2021. The State Treaty on Gambling has been in effect in all 16 German states since February 8, 2013, after the State of Schleswig-Holstein acceded to the State Treaty on Gambling. The Lower Saxony Gambling Act (NGlüSpG) contains further regulations.

A game of chance always occurs when the decision about winning a game depends largely on chance. The regulations of the GlüStV are only applicable if the game is also offered for a fee. Games of chance in this sense include, among others the lotteries with the offer of the state lottery companies, the joint class lottery of the federal states (GKL), the social lotteries and profit lotteries, as well as the sports betting and horse betting. For commercial slot machine games and the operation of amusement arcades, additional special regulations of the trade regulations and the gaming ordinance must be observed, for horse betting the racing betting and lottery law. The Lower Saxony Casino Act applies to casinos.

Gambling within the meaning of GlüStV may only be offered with the permission of the competent authority (see below on the responsibilities and special regulations for small lotteries). Special restrictions apply to offers on the Internet. Internet approval can only be issued for lotteries, sports and horse betting.

With other streamers this is either mentioned once or not at all, but always in the reports about Monte.

That is not the case with Montanablack. We don’t usually do that, with birthday, place of residence, etc. So spontaneously I don’t even know an article where that was ^^

You’re confusing something. That was another side doing that. But I can’t come up with the name of the page right now.

As far as I know, Anthony Colandro would be banned in this context. But this was about self-harm in the context of drinking too much and a mock emergency situation. In this case, however, that is hardly the case.

So I can admire the female anatomy all day long (for example) on German television, but a bare male bum causes locks?

If entire families are riveted, that’s okay for Americans, they just mustn’t have been too lightly dressed. Then it is a scandal in the country with the largest porn industry.

Twitch is not a German company but an American one. The trade fair content is based on American moral standards (weapons e.g. also in children’s hands are completely ok. Nudity, especially female nipples, are an absolute no-go). It does not matter where in this world the creator of the content lives or where the content is viewed.

That is more true of the audience. Knossi himself is a media professional and anything but stupid.

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