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In the east there was not only tele-lottery. In the 1970s and 1980s, various types of gambling dens came into being. Roulette, poker, the dice games “Die Goldene Sechs” and “GrĂ¼ne Wiese” or the card game “Meine Tante, Deine Aante” were played. You could make a lot of money – but you could also lose.

Gambling was undesirable in the GDR, but not prohibited. In December 1968 the Volkskammer passed the new GDR penal code. It was now also enshrined in law that private gambling was no longer explicitly prohibited. Word got around quickly about the loophole.

In the years that followed, gambling dens of all kinds were built in the GDR. Everything should have started at the horse racing tracks. Horse betting was allowed, but the gambling really started after the race. You could gamble at about twenty tables. One of the games played was “The Golden Six”.

Werner Pinkert was a GDR police officer at the time and was annoyed by the gambling scene. While he earned 500 marks a month with his work, others made large sums of money in a single evening. To this day, he is stunned that his hands and his colleagues from the People’s Police were tied in order to take effective action against the dice games. The GDR leadership had made a big mistake in their plan to create a developed socialist society, fed by their own utopia that criminality would disappear under socialism.

Gambling has always been an important pastime for many people over the centuries. From emperors and kings to the governments of the modern age, attempts were made again and again to prohibit such games or at least to regulate them.

Today, for example, it is quite normal that access to a casino is only permitted from the age of 18, whereas minors should not yet be able to participate in games of chance and gamble away their own money in the process. What applies in classic casinos, of course, also applies on the Internet. You have to prove your age on gambling portals before you can play there, but of course this is much easier than in “real” life.

Parents who let their offspring play on the Internet certainly exist – the question, however, is how the easily accessible gambling affects their children. An overview of the various possibilities that arise today, for example with slot machines on the Internet, is available here; in addition, in most online casinos it is also possible for interested parties to play games such as Book of Ra for free. In this way it is very easy to get a taste for it and, above all, to get a wrong impression of the possible risks. After all, the psychology of playing with virtual stakes is very different from a real budget, but it is difficult to understand for children and young people.

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