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what is gambling: Gambling Habit plus Trouble Gaming – HelpGuide.org

The provisions of the VStG remain unaffected by this paragraph.

The fines imposed by the tax office for fees, transfer taxes and gambling in accordance with Sections 52b or 52c accrue to the federal government.

(1) The authority can order the confiscation of the gaming machines, the other objects of intervention and the technical aids, both if the forfeiture and confiscation is planned if

One or more provisions of Section 52 (1) continue to be violated with gaming machines or other objects of interference that intervene in the federal gaming monopoly, or

continued or repeated with gaming machines or other objects of intervention in accordance with no. 1 lit. a one or more provisions of Section 52 (1) is violated or

(2) The organs of public supervision can also temporarily seize the items mentioned in Paragraph 1 on their own authority in order to ensure immediately that the administrative offenses in accordance with one or more provisions of Section 52 Paragraph 1 are not continued or repeated. Except in the case of Section 52 (1) (7), you must immediately issue a certificate to the person concerned or, if such a certificate is not present at the installation site, leave it there and report it to the authorities. In the certificate, the owner of the items, the organizer and the owner are to be requested to report to the authorities within four weeks; In addition, the possibility of independent seizure (para.

These are set by the players on color (red or black) or on numbers (0 to 36). In the event of a win, the end of the game receives double or multiple stakes. The belief that certain gaming systems increase the chances of winning is widespread among casino visitors, but unfortunately wrong.

The high potential for addiction is determined by the rapid sequence of games, the active involvement of the player through the use of game strategies and the use of “play money” (tokens) and the atmosphere in casinos.

In blackjack and other card games, the players compete against the casino. The result of the game can partly be influenced by one’s own playing skills, but many gamers overestimate their own playing skills and thus spend money frivolously.

Because many game rounds follow one another, high losses are possible. In connection with the relatively fast sequence of games and the direct receipt of winnings, there is also a high potential for addiction. In card games in casinos, “play money” (tokens) are used; the atmosphere here is also an additional attraction.

ยง Poker in private settings is permitted and is not subject to the Gambling Act. Large poker tournaments may only be offered by licensed casinos. Small poker tournaments – with a cantonal permit – can also be offered outside of casinos. Various requirements have to be met.

In the past few years online poker has become very popular.

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